I have a strong passion for security research, tool automation and Android exploit development. I greatly enjoy finding vulnerabilities in different products and services and reporting these to the respective vendors before such vulnerabilities fall into the wrong hands.

I love offensive security research, and over the past few years, I have researched several attack vectors in mobile applications. My research led me to author “InsecureShop Vulnerable Android Application”. Also, I have created several “Mobile nuclei templates” to automate vulnerability identification in mobile applications.

I’m currently working in a product-based firm where I manage their bug bounty program, validate external security submissions, and conduct penetration tests and code reviews on products. Before that, I spent 6 years in a Cyber Security consultancy firm, handling US and Canadian clients. My core responsibility included working on offensive security research projects and performing pentests for client applications.


Masters (M.Tech) in Cyber Security & Incident Response from National Forensic Sciences University (Previously Gujarat Forensic Sciences University)